Why I’m interested in sales!

Throughout my whole life I never had a clue on what I wanted for my career. I always knew my that my strengths and skills in life are, my work ethic, and my abilities to communicate. The best strength that I have had all my life is that I am able to sell myself. For example, every job that I have had in my life I have shown the employer how dedicated I am to them. Once my employer saw how dedicated I was to their success, they showed me how to succeed. I know that if I can prove how valuable I am, then I can sell myself. The only other think that I knew about myself was that I am a provider. A provider in my eyes, will do whatever it takes to make sure that one’s family has a place to sleep, with food on the table, and the kids have opportunity for success. It was only recently in my life that I thought about going into sales, at the time I was working with big excavators, loaders, and dump trucks. Working with equipment everyday brought me excitement into my work environment. One of the operators that was working for the same company as me said “why don’t you sell construction equipment?” During this time, I had no idea how I was going to use my education for something that I wanted to do in the future, but that was going to change. I suddenly realized that I could use my strengths of communication in this career pathway. From this point on in my life, I realized what I can do to achieve my goals.

Throughout my life there has been people that I have looked up to, these people have showed me what it takes to provide. Most of these people are family members that I have seen work their lives away providing for their families. These role models have taken their strengths in life and used them to their advantages to provide. For example, my uncle has been working hard labor his whole life, but that is not his strength. His strength his that he is a natural born leader, he is a head Forman for a company that does million dollar jobs. All of the role models in my life have showed me what it looks like to have a nice work ethic. That is what I will be bringing to the sales meetings, great work ethic, and a strive for success.

In the construction world there are two big companies that sell construction equipment. These companies are known as John Deere, and CAT. They have dealerships all over the state of Michigan, where local shops try and sell their equipment to the local contracting and construction companies. This is what I have narrowed down when it comes to my career field, some reasons for this is because I feel passionate about construction equipment. With everything that I know about myself I feel that this is the best path for me.