How to Print Copies of Art

Artists who embrace technology for managing and printing their work have a distinct advantage in today’s digital age. The flexibility afforded by this allows creatives to do much more than have a single canvas of their work. For over 200 years, artists have used a process of lithography to duplicate their work. The word “lithograph” […] Read More

Watch fashion

A watch – the ultimate men’s fashion accessory

Within the world of men’s fashion, there are few accessories that are as impactful as a watch. A well-designed watch combines style with practicality, offering a male accessory that not only adds an important touch of class to an outfit but also is useful in your everyday life.  A long-running favorite Watches have long been […] Read More

3d printed item

What to look for in a 3D printer?

With the surge of digital technology, the internet, and online ads’ progressive effectiveness, the printing business and photographers took a big hit back in 2008. Industries such as these had to take a good long look at how they were going to adapt and compete in a world where everyone had a digital camera in […] Read More