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Hi, I’m Emmanuel Gbenga Samuel,

I’m a writer and a blogger that teach my  readers banking process, how to start and grow a profitable side business.

Strong business development professional with a Bachelor Of Science (B.Sc.) focused in Financial Accounting from National Open University and a Diploma in System Information Technology from Somic Computer Academy, Govt Approved Institute.

I am a banker, with years of experience, I am teachable, I enjoy learning, I love Music, I enjoy soccer (Football) and my love for football is out of this world, hmmmm plus I support the best football club in the world, smiles, wanna know? Ask me. I welcome new opportunities, I own esamuelblog.com.

We run a professional blog site which includes world news, Fashion news, Articles, Entertainment, business informations and ideas, Bank reviews, health news, @esamuelblog.com.

We aim to bring you up to speed with all the major happenings all over the world.

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