How to tell your roommate you’re moving out

First, communication is everything.

30 days notice is standard, however, if you can warm the idea up well ahead of time, it gives everyone time to prepare for the change.

Not all roommate situations are ideal. Some roommates are not easy to get along with, in this case, you may not want to confront them directly. Try messages, emails or voicemails sharing your intentions. If your roommate acts poorly, it’s on them.

However, if you have a good relationship, it’s better to have a face to face conversion.

If you have the means, consider offering help to pay for moving costs or an extra month’s rent to make the transition easier. If there is a security deposit, don’t ask for your portion back. Again, this is solely dependent on your financial situation and not required.

It doesn’t have to be an awkward situation. Moving is a normal part of life.

If you are not moving immediately, consider having conversions about your roommates plans in the future. This may give you an opportunity to share your goals in life too.

Listen to your roommate and give them time to process their next move. Be supportive, but don’t feel guilty about moving forward with your life. Keep the communication flowing and your transition can be smooth.