Open-Minded Private Schools

When looking into private schools for his children, my son was specifically searching for private schools that were open-minded and inclusive; and one that included character education as an essential part of their students’ education. We understand today that education is a constantly evolving concept. As we progress through the Twenty-first Century, we can recognize […] Read More

Coping with the Aging Process

Coping with the aging process might be an understatement! It takes a little longer to get moving in the morning; getting to bed by 11 pm is a great night, and gray hairs are growing in places I can’t even see anymore. But as long as I fight it, the harder my life will be. […] Read More

Is It Better to Move in the Winter or Summer?

Summer and winter are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to moving. Summer is the peak moving season, with nearly 45% of all moves occurring between Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to U-Haul Moving Statistics and Fun Facts. On the other hand, there are fewer people opting to move during the […] Read More

Is it Hard to Become a Programmer?

We could ask that same question for everything. And if we “think” beforehand that something will be “hard,” then guess what? It will be. We know this by now with all the information out there on how to “overcome” negative thinking. But what we’re talking about here isn’t that general of a topic. Programming is […] Read More

Why is Gardening So Therapeutic?

When my children were young, I wanted them to learn healthy eating habits. Part of that lesson was also to learn how to plant and grow fresh food of ourselves in our own backyard. They really enjoyed being able to go out and grab tomatoes, lettuce, or zucchini. In addition, there was a bountiful of […] Read More

What Should I Do 30 Days Before Moving?

Well, if you haven’t done it by this time, you had best hire a professional and reputable moving company to transport your family “treasures” and valuables ASAP. But, if you’re like most people, the move is only a few weeks away, and you’re still scrambling to get everything done. Here’s a list of things to […] Read More

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with A Behavioral Science Degree?

Many career opportunities are available to someone with a behavioral science degree. Depending on the skills, interests, and experience, one might be able to work in various settings, such as in academia, research labs, healthcare organizations, non-profit social or community service groups, government agencies, etc. Crime analysts will use research on behavior to help solve […] Read More