What is a Good Example of Sustainability?

You might have heard the term “sustainability” being thrown around, especially among individuals concerned about the environment, specifically climate change and pollution. Sustainability is one of the reasons Corporate Responsibility became a thing in many companies. What is Sustainability? Sustainability, as defined by the United Nations Brundtland Commission, is “meeting the needs of the present […] Read More

What Are the Health Effects of Road Rage?

Road rage may make us more prone to accidents, but there are other risks as well. People experiencing road rage may face increased health risks that come from high levels of stress, tension, and anger. These episodes of acute stress may become chronic stress, which leads to many negative health outcomes. But what about the […] Read More

What Will Art Be in the Future?

Technology has certainly affected all art mediums, and even commercial printers get to play a part in this constantly changing arena. Throughout history, art changed with the times, and today is no different. Artists now have the ability to create and share works in ways never before possible. Art as we know it is changing […] Read More

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How Can People Keep Active and Busy After They Retire?

There are several things that can be done to keep your mind sharp in retirement. First, it is important to stay physically active. Participating in social activities also helps increase brain activity. Finally, maintaining positive mental health is essential for keeping the mind active because stress and anxiety can decrease cognitive abilities over time. Stick […] Read More

What Foods Help with Chronic Pain?

Dieting is not just for those who’d like to lose some weight. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, your diet can result in pain or, relief from it. “A lot of chronic pain is the result of chronic inflammation, and the evidence is quite strong that your diet can contribute to increased systemic inflammation,” says […] Read More

What Do Road Signs Do to Promote Smooth-Moving Traffic?

If you’re not looking at your phone while driving (very dangerous behavior!), you’ll notice them almost everywhere on the street. Road signs dominate highways, stand at busy city intersections, and perch quietly beside rural roads. And if you pay attention, you’ll receive important driving instructions or warnings of possible dangers on the road ahead. In […] Read More

How to Print Copies of Art

Artists who embrace technology for managing and printing their work have a distinct advantage in today’s digital age. The flexibility afforded by this allows creatives to do much more than have a single canvas of their work. For over 200 years, artists have used a process of lithography to duplicate their work. The word “lithograph” […] Read More